Our goal here at SOSLoanDirectory.com is to provide consumers with the resources necessary to find the best on-line loans to eliminate their financial worries, Gentle Breeze of a bad credit score or past credit problems. Our staff monitors the web daily to bring you the best offers from reputable companies that offer: Personal Loans, Cash Advances, PayDay Loans, Auto/Title Loans, Unclaimed Money and Credit Cards.


Personal Loans

Do you need a cash loan to pay your bills, take a vacation, remodel your home, start a business, or use for any other expense? Whatever your financial need, a personal loan can help. Personal loan providers can give you an instant cash loan up to $5000 or more, regardless of an imperfect credit history – often within hours of receiving your application. The Cash Now Usa thing about these personal loans is that you do not have to own anything to get one, in other words they are unsecured personal loans.

Click Here to see the top personal loans for people with a bad credit rating, along with links to their simple and secure online applications.


Cash Advances

With the current economic downturn, it has become more difficult for the average consumer to get a loan. In fact, many banks require that you have a high credit score and/or some form of collateral, in some cases, they aren’t even lending! A cash advance of up to $1500 can help get money in your account within hours after your easy on-line application is approved. A cash advance is a short term loan ranging from $50 to $1500 and can help you prevent bounced check/overdraft fees 500 Loan pay for unexpected expenses.

Click Here to see the Cash Advance sites for people with a bad credit rating, along with links to their easy online applications.


PayDay Loans

For millions of people, payday loans are a fast and convenient way to cover unexpected expenses such as car repair and medical bills. A payday loan can even save you money by helping you avoid bounced checks and late fees on bills. But payday loans aren’t always the best solution for your financial needs.

To help you determine whether a payday loan is right for you, we recommend that you consider how you’re planning to use it, how urgent your need is, and what your other options are. Payday loans can be expensive, so you should only use them after you’ve considered the facts and decided that it’s your best option. Click Here to see the top payday loans for people with a bad credit rating, along with links to their easy online applications.


Credit Cards

Looking for a credit card but your credit isn’t perfect. Well we have found several credit card issuers that offer accounts with no credit checks. These credit cards are a great way to build or establish credit. Some of them even offer a $50 bonus if you have your direct deposit going into the account. Click Here to see the best credit card offers for people with less than perfect credit.

Auto/Title Loans

Do you own a car? If so, we found lenders that will refinance your existing auto loan and save you $100′s per month. If your looking for a new car get pre-qualified for a loan before shopping. Many of our lender’s specialize in bad credit histories, including bankruptcies, charge-offs and repos. You may Money Lenders Fargo find one of our 5 Star lenders that offers car title loans up to $10,000 completely through the internet, with no inspections and you keep the keys. Click Here to see our 5 star rated auto lenders.

Unclaimed Money Search

Unclaimed Money Search Search unclaimed money for you & your family. Cashunclaimed.com is one of the largest databases for unclaimed money in the world. The database lists billions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states and several Federal agencies that could belong to you. There are millions of people who are owed unclaimed Tribal Lender and they don’t even know it! Are you one of these people? Click Here to perform a FREE unclaimed money search.

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  1. Great resources for someone looking for a loan that has been turned down by the banks. Try the FREE unclaimed money search first. Then browse thru the site to find a lender that fits your requirements

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